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binzagr has been providing state-of-the-art solutions for housing, villas and urban developments since 1985. With an exceptional track record in UAE, Qatar, Oman,UK,Singapore and canada, binzagr transport has completed over 12,000 villas to date, living up to its reputation as market leader in the All over the world.

* Construction of 740 luxury villas in Waterfront Project (UK) * Construction of 680 villas in Victory Heights (Dubai) * binzagr competitive edge comes from its position within the Group: each project is fully complimented by other binzagr Group divisions allowing the company to provide a comprehensive range of solutions that encompass road infrastructure, drainage and domestic services.

12,000+ employees
100+ multi-disciplined engineers
Completed construction of 15,000 villas and 14 towers 280 units of construction equipment
Batching plants 140 CM/h
15,000 capacity in mobile labour camps
Dedicated piling section for in-house and external piling works